Growing a Dance Community, One T-Shirt at a Time!

Growing a Dance Community, One T-Shirt at a Time!

We love what dance has done for us and not doubt you do too! Dance unites us all regardless of age, personality, race, economic/social status, religion or anything else! Dance is fun, it’s energizing, it’s interactive, it’s therapeutic and leaves us wanting more. It has the power to change lives for the better.

Don’t you want others to experience the joy, community and happiness dance has brought to you? Of course you do! But how can we do that? There are of course many ways to do so. One way all of us can share is a simple T-Shirt! Some of us are shy and quite frankly it is difficult to just bring up dance to a random stranger. But a shirt can speak for us!

To that end, we have designed merchandise for our local 757 dancers or anyone who loves community, loves dance or just loves T-Shirts! Now you can have a stronger voice, promote yourself and all of your fellow dancers in Hampton Roads while encouraging others to join us in making our lives better through dance! Click on our Apparel link to find yours today!


P.S. If you have any slogan ideas, email us! 🙂


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